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Why Austin is Right for Google Fiber

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Google (yes, that Google) is getting into the ISP business. Surprised? Well, that makes tons of us. At face value, this seems like an odd choice for a search company. Serving up the intarwebs isn’t obviously related to Google’s mission to index the whole world. But when you read about Google’s plan to build the next generation of webapps, its decision to enter the ISP arena is a no-brainer. Google needs a faster network to build what it wants to build, but it’s tired of waiting for the telecom industry to provide it, so Google’s going to roll out the network itself. (Honestly, if you want anything done…)

Anyway, the official name of the program is Big Gig, and you can read all about it on its official site. The high points are that Big Gig is going to roll out faster broadband to cities in America, but only a few, so the competition to draw Google’s attention is fierce. And the competition should be fierce. Google’s not just rolling out faster internet. Google’s rolling out gigabit internet. Let me say that one more time, just in case you weren’t paying attention: Google is rolling out Gigabit internet. That’s probably about 100-200 times faster than whatever connection you used to download this article.

Now are you listening?